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문화공간, 이곳
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생활과 경제
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광주사람 당신
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800원 여행
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- 2004년 ------------
A Korean Wrapper...   [2007.08.20]
I am a foreigner in Korea.  Like other foreigners, I am frustrated when elderly Koreans cut in front of me in line.  I am amused b...
Is Cultural Revolution Still Possible in South Kor...   [2007.08.12]
Q: Do you have any thoughts on the lecture you gave at GIC just now? A: There are different types of revolutions and I want a cultural revo...
Moving mountains with the 5 in 5 challenge...   [2007.08.02]
What – The challenge is simple, designed as a concept to help raise money for Sungbin Orphanage.  Where – The task is to...
Surviving Summer in Korea...   [2007.07.23]
Summer is coming and it’s about to get intolerably hot, with most of us cowering under the air con and taking about five showers a day...
5 Mountains in 5 Days...   [2007.07.11]
It was a hazy day in June when our adventure began, in the midst of that great year that was 2006. We embarked upon a journey to travel the ...
A Brief History of Wine. Part 1...   [2007.06.13]
Wine has been enjoyed by various civilizations for thousands of years, primarily in the Mediterranean region. Grapevines, along with olives ...
The twelve-14th Day in Korea...   [2007.04.13]
Nearly everybody knows about Valentines Day (Feb 14th), day of love, is synonymous with roses and chocolates. In fact, Korea celebrates 14th...
Why they came: Francis Ajayi...   [2007.03.26]
Folusho Francis Ajayi is a Nigerian environmental science PhD student at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST). He uses Francis...
The Rise and Fall of Gi-nyeo, Professional Female Entertaine   [2007.03.26]

The term gi-nyeo, or gi-saeng, is said to have originated from the Three Kingdoms (Silla-Baekje-Goguryeo) Era (57BC ~ AD668). In the ensuing Era of Goryeo (918~1392), gi-nyeo was referred to variously (numerous times) in the History of the the Three Kingd...
Country of Courtesy Lost...   [2007.03.19]
By Choi, YoungHoon Last month, an unfortunate incident in Korea revealed the dark side of the country. The tragedy was an alleged arson i...
Is It Holi day or Holiday?   [2007.03.19]

Ask people who have been to India what impressed them the most; they won...
ESL Payoff: Great Expectations or Killer Stress?   [2007.03.19]

The effects of parent expectations on a person come in variety. More importantly they shape the background of a person's life. The expectations of parents can cause both positive and negative effects. In my own personal experience, it helped me to set hi...
Youth in Cambodia...   [2007.03.06]
Cambodia? What is the first thing that springs to mind after you hear 'Cambodia'? It's usually two things; the temples of Angkor including a...
Peace, the Economics Outside the Classroom   [2007.03.06]

Several months ago, the winner of the Seoul Peace Prize 2006, Muhammad Yunus, visited Korea to be awarded the prize. He was also honored with the Nobel Peace Prize 2006, and both were in recognition of his endeavors and achievement in overcoming poverty i...
History ignored by books and politics soon will be forgotten   [2007.02.26]

I guess my first introduction to Korean history was when I was a kid in the 70's watching the American TV show, M.A.S.H., which was a depiction of a U.S. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War (1950-1953). I don't know what the draw was speci...
Once upon a time...   [2007.02.26]
Sometimes my students have questions that are hard to answer. Even though it is hard to believe, teachers do not always know everything! Now...
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